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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ask an Asshole - My first reader submitted question!

Here we go! Our first reader submitted question to ‘Ask an Asshole’! Feel free to write in with anything… questions, comments and blog ideas of what you want to read about. I am open to it all! You can reach me at

How to BE more of an asshole!
Hey! Blog idea (when/if you're bored): How to BE more of an asshole! I'm being too nice again & it's my fault! There are a few people that "DM" me and while I don't mind it, if I don't respond right away they almost get pissy! I started replying with one word answers because I HATE DMing and it's not like they're asking for sexy pictures or sex talk... It's just annoying that they think I have to respond right away. I know it's my fault for allowing it to happen, because I could just outright ignore them...should I just do that and not give a shit? I just don't get WHERE the hell they came off thinking they owned me... or that I owe them shit?
 (Asshole’s Note: DM’ing is a direct message on Twitter)

Dear Annoyed: So I can just send you a DM and get sexy pictures and or talk? I might have to take advantage of that! Enough with my perversion… Let’s get back to the real issue here, which happens to be your aggravation with certain people who lack any kind of patience while communicating with you.

Have you ever thought about just telling these people to fuck off? I see that you are delivering single word responses; personally, if I were the one in that situation I would take that as an indication of you saying “Leave me the fuck alone!” I can take a hint; unfortunately some people are too stupid to realize subtle prompts even if they are staring them in the face. These Ignorant people can take even single word responses as an open window for the conversation to continue. Ignoring them might not be the answer to this situation either. They just might think that you are busy, or create any excuse in their mind as to why you have not responded yet and continue to annoy you… there is no closure with that tactic. But, telling someone to fuck off alerts them to exactly where they stand with you. It is freeing in a way when you tell someone to fuck off… you just feel the stress and aggravation leave your body. You should try it some time to experience this sensation. 

In any case, if you do actually want to continue some kind of communication with this person(s)… telling them to fuck off may not be the way to go. What you need to do is explain to them that sometimes you cannot respond right away. You need to set some kind of boundary with these people because in one part of your question to me you state that “There are a few people that "DM" me and while I don't mind it” but go on to say “I started replying with one word answers because I HATE DMing.” These people may be confused on how or if they should communicate with you at all. You are right when you say that you do not owe these people anything… not even an explanation on why you did not respond right away. Let the bastards know that you are not fond of DMing because it is a pain in the ass and you cannot always answer right away.

Starting off, you wanted to know how to be more of an asshole in regards to this situation, well here is my answer…simply by being brutally honest! My brutal honesty is just part of what makes me an asshole; I just take it a bit further than most. You do not necessarily have to take it as far as I might… but in my opinion to resolve this situation you are having, you need to be brutally honest with these morons. It might be the only thing that gets the message across to them.

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