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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

“Go the fuck to sleep”, a profane children’s book for adults

                Newsweek magazine has some top five things of the week list in it, please excuse me as I could not find it online and read the actual publication at work and do not have it with me. But number 4 on the list was “Go the fuck to sleep”, a profane children’s book for adults. This on premise excites me, as I have the maturity level as a 4 year old from time to time when it comes to comedy.( I’ll put few links below about this book.)
 So as my OCD dictates, I go to borders after work, I have to see something like this for myself and giggle about it. I ask a store associate on where I can find said book, she directs me to the comedy section. There it is on the shelf and looks exactly as described, like a children’s book… like something that I would read to Cole. It has children’s illustrations, child like writing as in any book that would be read to kids ages 2-4, the only difference is that each stanza ends with “Go the fuck to sleep.” This novelty may excite some folk, but I had been expecting so much more. I guess that is what I get for going off of Newsweek and a few internet write ups versus going to this guy’s Facebook page where it all started. The book was actually the size of a kids book, so at least they kept the integrity of kids books, but Borders was charging $14.95 for this book versus $3.99 a child’s book actually costs. You’d be better off buying a $3.99 version and writing your own naughty ending to each verse, you’ll get more of a kick out of it that that way…
There is so much potential here… there could have put adult themed drawings done as an artist would do a kids book. There could have been adult subject matter written as nursery rhymes, you know… the old Andrew Dice Clay shtick. Now this would have amused me.

                So if something like this can go Viral and get this guy a book deal, there is potential to get some buzz going on my painting, Piss on the Canvas. The internet is a wonderful thing, it offers opportunity. Come on people, let’s get the word out on this painting… it would be great throwing something like this in the snotty art world’s face! LET’S GET PISS ON THE CANVAS VIRAL!

1 comment:

M. said...

I would like to update my thoughts on this... I heard audio of Samuel L. Jackson reading this story on Youtube, It is fucking hilarious with him reading it! He should read anything that involves swearing...