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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

“Thoughts, prayers” and a few other things that piss me off…

Massive tragedies are awful and have become far too prevalent in today’s world. Whether it is a natural disaster, some scumbag kidnapping and keeping women captive for years, psychopaths committing a mass shooting or acts of terrorism, you see floods of social media posts where people send “thoughts and prayers” out to the victims… And then promptly go back to posting about going ass to mouth on a random drunken whore they fucked or the emptiness that is their favorite reality show within minutes.

With the devastating tornado that hit Oklahoma recently, the usual onslaught of posts containing “thoughts and prayers” could be found all over the media, which was no surprise. What really got me thinking was a remark that a very good friend of mine posted on Facebook last night… That post read “Just donated $100 to the Red Cross. That's better than sending "prayers" to tornado victims.” I wanted to stand up, applaud and yell “bravo” after reading that particular post.

Here is a question for you, how many of the people that were compelled to send prayers out to the victims actually followed through and actually said a prayer for these people? I’m going to go out on a limb and say slim to none. These people would be better off just cutting off the prayer portion of their post and simply keep it to “thoughts are with the victims.” At least that statement would not be farcical. We are talking about a generation of “believers” that only attend church on Christmas and Easter because they feel obligated to… Nothing screams religious conviction like attending church twice a year!

This takes me back to my friend’s post. A cash donation to an organization such as the Red Cross is something that can directly help the victims. I understand that not everyone has the means to give a donation, but what you fail to realize is that donations can come in various forms, and I am not talking about saying a prayer to help people. One can donate blood… That and cash to support relief efforts is something that can make a difference in the victims lives. Giving blood is free and can actually help save lives, unlike prayers no matter what argument bible thumpers bring to the table.

Prayers fall on deaf ears even if some of these people follow through and actually say one. You can argue until you are blue in the face, but neither you nor anyone else can give me one instance, with solid factual evidence, of a prayer actually helping save anyone… Unlike the statistical and factual evidence that can be displayed that proves lives are saved by the relief efforts from organizations like the Red Cross.

The best arguments you have are examples of tales told in the bible, which is a book of fiction as far as I am concerned. You are talking about a book with was written many years after Jesus’ death in 30 AD… To put it in perspective, think about the Telephone Game you played as a child where a message is passed on, in a whisper, by each of a number of people, so that the final version of the message is often radically changed from the original. I do not believe in imaginary friends and fairy tales, I believe in scientific facts and concrete evidence.

Another thing that pisses me off is that for a group of people who are pro-life, many devout Christians are the most hateful people that I have come across within the various social media outlets. That is one hell of a statement coming from someone with the politically incorrect opinions such as myself. If I think you are hateful, there is definitely an issue here. We are talking about religious extremists that have no tolerance for other people’s opinions and feel that you agree with their beliefs or you are wrong. They are the first to claim their constitutional rights are being trampled on all while trampling on the religious rights of everyone and are openly against equal rights for gays. 

Now, what I am sure that this piece will ruffle a few feathers with the religious folk that may stumble on to this, but fuck it. I am entitled to my opinion just as they are entitled to theirs. The moral of this story is to take your thoughts and prayers and shove them up your ass. Send money, blood and other things that can physically make a difference in the lives of the victims in the various tragedies that mar our society.

*While I am at it, let me quickly rant about a few other things which have absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned nonsense… Well, I guess this does in a way. I was listening to Howard Stern today and he was getting into a topic where Chuck Zito was asking people if they’d rather fuck Howard Stern or the Boston bombing suspect as a bit on his radio show. 

I was completely shocked and appalled on how many people, let alone any at all answered that they’d rather fuck the piece of shit who “allegedly” participated in an act of homeland terrorism. These soulless cunts had the audacity to answer the proposed situation based on looks alone, completely omitting the fact that this cocksucker “allegedly” detonated explosive devices which killed and maimed several people. This attitude is exactly what is wrong with our society. 

I am the first one to admit that I am superficial when it comes to women, but even I would be able to make the distinction between sounding like a superficial idiot or someone with the slightest bit of common sense when answering a question like that. What it comes down to with twits like that is the lesser of two evils comes down to what someone looks like versus the fact that this scumbag “allegedly” blew people up… Yet these morons chose looks. That seems logical to me. The only way I could justify that answer is if these pigs used the position of sex to suffocate this piece of shit who appears to be an enemy of the state.

*I recently went to the Buffalo Philharmonic to see them perform the music of Led Zeppelin. I’ll always believe that the conductor in an orchestra is useless… Just part of the performance, a visual aid, a glorified prop. There is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. As this fool waves his arms around, you can clearly see the musician’s eyes down, reading their sheet music, not looking at the conductor. As a part of the gig, they picked some slob out of the audience to conduct a song... Any argument you have ends there.

* Every time I come to the mall, I end up wishing I had a flamethrower strapped to my back... When I am there… I feel like I'm surrounded by a generation of idiots who are heavily influenced by the Kardashians. The ladies I find attractive in the mall are generally a complete oxymoron to my outlook of humanity... Loathe the fashionista attitude and persona, but love the look of them. I'd love to hate fuck some of these Kardashian influenced fashionistas I come across... I would finish it with a Picasso-esque load on their face as a part of my distain for them and the art world.


1 comment:

Fresh_Coffey said...

I really really love your brutal honesty. While I disagree with you about prayers falling on deaf ears, I wholeheartedly agree with you that VERY few actually pray when they say they will. I feel like most people post that because it makes them feel like they have done something good. I, for one, said a prayer for the victims yesterday AND donated to Red Cross. While I am a believer, I am also practical. Get the victims food, water, shelter, clothing NOW.
Now, I would never try to convince you that I am right about my faith and beliefs, and I know you respect me enough to never convince me I am wrong. Mutual respect is a wonderful thing. Keep on keeping on my friend :-)